Nucl Med Mol Imaging

Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging
ISSN: 1869-3474 (Print)1869-3482 (Online)

    Volume 10, 43 Issue (November 2019)
Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (Nucl Med Mol Imaging) publishes papers on nuclear medicine and a wide range of related sciences including radiochemistry, radiopharmacy, dosimetry and pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics of radiopharmaceuticals, nuclear and molecular imaging analysis, nuclear and molecular imaging instrumentation, radiation biology and radionuclide therapy. The journal also presents original works relating to molecular imaging research, such as the development of molecular imaging probes, reporter imaging assays, imaging cell trafficking, imaging endo(exo)genous gene expression, and imaging signal transduction. Content includes original articles, reviews, case reports, editorials, interesting images, and letters to the editor. Nucl Med Mol Imaging is an official journal of the Korean Society of Nuclear Medicine
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